Xeno OWB w/Integrated single magazine carrier


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  • Can I get the Xeno that will accommodate an Olight PL mini

    The short answer is yes. However, due to the added labor there is a $20 surcharge for rail attachments.

  • Is the mag carrier retention adjustable?

    Hi, and welcome to RedX Gear! The short answer is "somewhat". There is a retention screw between the pistol holster and mag carrier with a rubber bushing in between the fron and back panels of the holster. Technically, that screw can be tightened and loosened and may adjust the retention of the mag carrier but only minimally. 

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Vendor: RedX Gear


Our Xeno OWB holster is the only one of its kind! The forward inclination (cant) makes for a smooth and natural feeling draw, and the integrated magazine pouch means you'll always have an extra mag at the ready. And, with the forward-facing magazine pouch, it's always in the right posture for a quick reload. Starting at just $81.00

  • Full slide guard (sweat shield)
  • Flared for intuitive holstering
  • Nearly indestructible 0.80 Kydex, Holstex, or Bolteron
  • Equally durable mold injected polymer belt wings
  • Adjustable pistol and magazine carrier retention
  • Contoured to wrap around the belt line, making it more secure and comfortable
  • Zinc coated hardware for added rust protection
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free USA and APO shipping