Xpert OWB Holster (Outside WaistBand)


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  • Do you make an OWB holster for the Elite Combat with a cut out for an RMR? Thanks in advance...

    Our Xpert, ReduX, and PheniX OWB holsters will all accommodate reflex sights. Simply select "Relief cut for reflex sight" in the drop down option below.  

  • I'm in need of a conceal owb holster for a sig p365 needs to be tight to the body with not to much cant 5 to 7 degrees 15 is to much needs a full sweat guard and can this holster conceal this small gun under a loose tee shirt thanks for your time Robert Maletta

    Absolutely. Our Xpert OWB is one of the most concealeable OWB holsters available. It's contoured design allows the holster to conform to the waistline, reducing the profile to aid in concealability.

  • Are the belt loops adjustable?

    Hi and thank you for expressing you interest in RedX Gear! Although the belt wings on our OWB holsters are not adjustable, they are interchangeable with other sizes that are also available on our website. We find that by offering interchangeable belt wings our customer family members have the freedom to change their belt size without the expense of having to buy a new holster. I hope I was able to answer your question.  

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NOTE: The belt clips featured on the holster in this video are not standard RedX Gear OWB holster belt mounts and are not available on any of our OWB holsters.

Our Xpert OWB holster is hand-made using nearly indestructible Kydex, Holstex, or Bolteron(depending on the options you select) and equally rugged mold-injected belt loops made from a proprietary polymer. For these two reasons alone we can offer our NO BS Lifetime Warranty!

 RedX Gear holsters boast unbeatable LEVEL 1 retention. And, with it's contoured design it hugs the belt line, providing a more secure feel...no more holster "flop". Preferred by military personnel, law enforcement officers/detectives, certified firearm instructors, competitive shooters and just about everyone in between. RedX Gear holsters and mag carriers are built to stand up to even the most grueling of demands. Unlike leather and nylon, our Kydex holsters will not tear, absorb oils, solvents, or cleaners, they won't rot, mold, mildew, shrink, hold odors or moisture. Most importantly, they will provide much better protection for your valuable sidearm, all while reducing holster wear. Starting at just $70.00

  • IDPA, USPSA, and IPSC compliant
  • Full slide guard (sweat shield)
  • Nearly indestructible 0.80 Kydex, Holstex, or Bolteron
  • Equally durable mold injected polymer belt wings
  • Zinc coated hardware for added rust protection
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free USA and APO shipping


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