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 Founded in August 2015 in the corner of a residential garage in Anthem, Arizona, RedX Enterprises LLC, dba RedX Gear, started as most thermo-forming holster makers - out of necessity. Dave (the founder) needed a holster for a specific pistol, with a specific rail attachment. Refusing to settle for a one-size-fits-all clip-on nylon holster, he set out to build a one-of-a-kind holster built specifically for his setup. Having absolutely zero experience working with plastics, he researched a myriad of "how to" video tutorials as well as written materials on the subject.

 Using scrap plywood and some items purchased at a local hardware store, he assembled a rudimentary press and ordered the needed holster making materials. He began working on the holster as soon as the materials arrived. 8 hours later, and a LOT of wasted material, he had a reasonable facsimile of a holster.

 Being selective and his own worst critic, he was not nearly satisfied with the initial product. So, after some much needed design alteration and some technique trial and error, he finally produced a holster worthy of being seen in public.

 After building a few more holsters for personal use, and having streamlined the process a little, he decided to advertise to sell holsters locally. After a dozen or so sales to local customers, he realized the business potential and invested in additional equipment. Within a couple of months RedX Enterprises LLC was formed and began selling holsters on eBay and Amazon as well as through it's newly constructed website.

 In just over two short years, RedX Gear has become a well recognized brand in the shooting sports community and has outfitted law enforcement , military, firearms instructors, private security, competitive shooters, and recreational shooters alike. The quality and reliability of RedX Gear holsters has been recognized globally and the RedX brand continues to grow exponentially. We pride ourselves in our unique holster designs that stand out in a veritable ocean of holster manufacturers. Sure, we could jump on board with the other guys and use someone else's CNC'd forms and molds that all look alike, but we've never cared much for cookie cutter holsters. Although our way takes a little more time and finesse, it shows in the quality and durability of each and every holster we forge by hand. While most others may be fine with following the crowd, we prefer the challenge of a path less traveled.

 RedX Enterprises LLC is proud to be a US Army Veteran owned and operated company




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