How can I contact RedX Gear?
        Email us at or call 844.446.7776. We'll be happy to hear from you!

What is the lead-time on my order?
We take pride in our lower than average turn-around times. Generally speaking, we strive for a 7-10 business day production time. From time to time this target is affected by a myriad of reasons. From supply delays or shortages, to the volume of orders that we receive within a specific period of time, sometimes our target goal is not attainable. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to complete and ship your order within 10 business days, we will send you notification via email specifying the reason and estimated time frame for delivery. As always, we welcome inquires and look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

My order still says "Awaiting Processing" or "Processing". What's the deal?
Unfortunately, the platform that we utilize to process orders has to be updated manually. This step is sometimes over-looked by staff but has no bearing on whether or not your order has begun processing. Most times you will receive your order long before your order status is changed in our system. If, by chance, you have not received your order within 10 business days, we haven't contacted you, and/or the status in our system still says "Awaiting processing" or "Processing", please feel free to email us to inquire about your order's status.

I'm buying this item as a gift. Can you ship it to the recipient instead of me?
Absolutely. Simply enter the recipients address in the "Shipping address" space at checkout. 

I need my order fast! Can I put a rush on it?
We sure can. Unfortunately, because we have a first-come, first-served build queue, "rush" orders are basically like cutting to the front of the line at the movie theater. So, in order for us to keep our production times in check, we have a $25 surcharge for rush orders. This fee does not include expedited shipping costs. The standard free shipping time via USPS First Class is 2-5 days on average, but you can opt for expedited shipping if you so wish. If you select expedited shipping, the added shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

Can you make a holster for a gun that isn't listed on your website?
Perhaps. If the model you are looking for isn't listed on our site, please contact us at or call us at 844.446.7776. If the mold is made for your pistol, we can get it at no additional charge to you. 

Will your holsters accommodate rail attachments on my pistol?
Unfortunately, our holsters are formed to the exact dimensions of the pistol for which it is made. With that in mind, there is no room inside the holster for rail attachments unless it was specifically built to accommodate the attachment. We do offer a select number of rail attachemtents that can be formed into the holster for an added charge. Bear in mind, non-factory alterations made to the holster to allow for rail attachments will completely void the RedX Gear Lifetime Warranty. 

How do I return my holster or mag carrier for a warranty related issue?
First, before sending your RedX Gear merchandise back to us, simply email us at and tell us what the problem is. If it does, in-fact, fall under our Lifetime Warranty coverage, we will send you a return shipping label via email. Package the item in a bubble mailing envelope along with a note including the following:
​- Your name and shipping address
- The nature of the return (what's wrong with the holster)
- The make/model of pistol the holster is for (for fitment testing)
Once we receive your holster we will make the necessary repairs, or, if we are unable to repair it, we will build a new holster. Turn-around time will vary upon the nature of the warranty issue, but we'll keep you up to date if we encounter any delays.

I don't like my RedX Gear purchase. What is the return/refund policy?
Due to the fact that each RedX Gear order is built as we receive it,  our return policy is based on an individual basis. Having an unrivaled customer service model, we will do whatever we can (within reason) to ensure that you have the most satisfactory experience we can possibly provide. Please email us at or call 844.446.7776 if you have a non-warranty related return question.
What is the RedX Gear Lifetime Warranty?
Click HERE to see the details about our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Do you offer discounts for veterans, active duty, retired military, or First Responders?
Absolutely. We offer a 15% discount on all orders placed by the following personnel.  If you are currently active duty, an active duty veteran, retired military, or current First Responder (LEO, Firefighter, EMT/Paramedic or RN), please contact us at  or call 844.446.7776 for your coupon code and service verification requirements.

Will Kydex wear the finish off my pistol?
First of all, guns are tools that are meant to be used. If you are concerned about finish wear on your pistol, perhaps you should leave it in the gun safe instead of carrying it. With that said, as with all holster materials, there is the eventual probability of holster wear over time. But, unlike leather and nylon holsters, our Kydex, Holstex, and Bolteron holsters do not allow the pistol to move freely while holstered, thus drastically reducing finish wear. NOTE: Kydex is notoriously tough on Cerakote finishes. Although we apply a light coat of Quick Draw holster lubricant to the inside of every holster, we cannot guarantee that it will protect the Cerakote finish on your pistol. 
Can I clean my holster?
 If necessary, your RedX Gear product can be safely washed with warm soapy water and a cloth or soft nylon brush. DO NOT use harsh degreasers, petroleum or alcohol-based products, granulated cleansers, or wire brushes to clean your RedX Gear product. Dry with paper towels or dry cloth, ensuring any metal components are thoroughly dried. 
Although the hardware is black zinc coated, once the holster/mag carrier is dried, a light coat of gun oil or CLP may be applied to the screws/metal hardware to aid in the prevention of rust.

Regularly check the holster and its hardware for proper fit and function. Not all RedX Gear holsters are adjustable, but if yours is equipped you can adjust the retention capability of the holster by tightening/loosening the screws accordingly. Although each holster is test-fitted prior to shipment, you may find that your desired level of retention is tighter or looser than our default setting.  Once you have achieved the desired retention, it is recommended that you apply a liquid thread locker to the screw threads to prevent unwanted travel. Re-apply after every adjustment.
For additional care questions, contact us at 

Is my holster a stocked item?
Short answer -  Not currently. When you order through the RedX Gear website we build each RedX Gear item as we receive the order. We do, however, have certain RedX Gear products that are available through Amazon and are fulfilled by them. With this option, Amazon Prime members can take advantage of the Prime Shipping feature(2-day). We do have plans in the future to build an inventory of our more popular products in order to expedite the turn-around time, but for now, items ordered through our website are built one at a time.