DupleX SS - Single stack magazine carrier


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  • Will the duplex ss magazine carrier accommodate a 9mm Glock magazine?

    Zack, The DupleX SS magazine carrier is for single stack magazines only. However, our DupleX DS magazine carriers are for double stack magazines, and wil accommodate most 9/40 magazines including most Glock magazines. The only magazines they will not accommodate are the wider "stubby" mags that are made for a few Glocks.  I hope I was able to answer your question.   All the best, Dave RedX Gear

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Vendor: RedX Gear


DupleX SS (Single Stack) - Double mag carrier for Single stack magazines ONLY- Our DupleX SS (single stack) mag carriers are built to last. With the dual belt clip design, this mag carrier isn't coming off your belt unless you want it to. Adjustable to accommodate most single stack magazines to include 1911's and M&P Shields, and the adjustable retention screw allows you to carry your mags as snug as you like. **Cannot be adjusted to accommodate .22 caliber single stack magazines. Starting at just $34.00

  • Durable design
  • Adjustable retention to change out different single stack pistol mags
  • Will not accommodate double stack magazines
  • Made in USA by a veteran owned company
  • Lifetime Warranty