PheniX Competition OWB - Drop-Offset Holster


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  • Where is a good place to get an explanation of the different hanger/ mount options and also the different belt attachments?


    Thank you for expressing your interest in RedX Gear! You pose a very legitimate question. We will look into making a video in the near future that will illustrate the difference between all of our mounting options.

    To answer your question without going into a very lengthy description, I will start with the holster mounts (hangers). Our Standard OWB mount is a drop offset mount that is primarily designed more as a competition holster. Althought most shooter will use this mount for that purpose it can be used for other carry configurations. The Springer Precision drop offset is also designed primarily for competition holsters. The same with the Blade -Tech Drop Offset hanger. The G-Code RTI hanger can be used in situations in-which a quick holster/pistol change is necessary. The RTI plate allows shooters to quickly change their holsters depending on their needs. Again, primarily (but not exclusively) competition purposes. 

    As far as our belt mounting options are concerned, they are all equally effective. Our belt wings make for a very secure carry configuration, moreso than standard belt loops. The Combat Belt Mount and Tek-Lok Belt Mount are designed to be an easy on, easy off solution without havinf to remove your belt to take the holster off. The Safariland ELS is just a smaller verion of the QLS and are both design to function just as the G-Code RTI Hanger i-nwhich the user has the ability to quickly change the holster/pistol depending on their operation needs.

    I hope I was able to clearly shed some light on the differences for you. Please don't hesitate to ask for further clarification if need be.

    All the best,

    RedX Gear

  • How wide of a belt does the combat mount accommodate?

    Hi, and  thank you for expressing your interest in RedX Gear. The Combat Loop will accommodate up to a 2" belt. There are two spacers inside that allow the user to adjust the loop to their specific belt width needs. With this feature you can use different width belts. I hope we were able to answer your question. 

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Vendor: RedX Gear


 Our PheniX Comp OWB holster is as versatile as they come. Whether your spending the day at the range, or at a competition meet, you'll look good sporting this bad boy. Can be cut to accommodate a reflex sight and/or suppressor-height sights. Sorry, this holster can not be made to allow for rail attachments. Additional colors, patterns, and custom designs available upon request. COMPLETE COMPETITION HOLSTERS STARTING AT JUST $89.00 

  • Five mounting options available - (Springer Precision drop offset hanger, Standard mount with Mid-ride belt loop adapter for 2" belts, Blade-Tech drop offset hanger with Tek-Lok belt attachment, Tek Lok only, and DBC mount)
  • Cut to accommodate standard reflex sights
  • Unique spring-driven adjustable retention
  • Flared for intuitive holstering
  • Completely customizable
  • Choose from five hardware colors
  • Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: Lead time on this holster is can be as long as 10-14 business days depending on the options you select. A 7-day Rush Order option is available for a $35 surcharge. Expedited shipping cost is extra and will be calculated at checkout. 


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