X9 - Universal Canik TP9-series OWB holster


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  • Will this work with Canik Elite Combat? This model has an oversized mag release and a threaded barrel. Thanks


    Our X9 Universal OWB is designed to accommodate all nine models of the TP-9 series currently available including the Elite Combat. It will not, however, accommodate suppressor sights at this time. I hope I was able to satisfactorily answer your question. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance!

  • Is it possible for you guys to deliver packages to Austria/Europa?

    John, We absolutely can ship to Europe. We have shipped orders to Lithuania, Sweden, Italy, and Norway. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or requests.  All the best, RedX Gear 

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Vendor: RedX Gear


You asked for it, we delivered! We're proud to introduce the only holster designed to accommodate ALL** current Canik TP9-series models. The innovative design of our X9 eliminates the need to buy an OWB holster for every Canik TP9-series that you own (or will eventually own). Save a ton of money and reduce your holster inventory with our X9 OWB!


  • - Open muzzle and high-rise sight channel to accommodate the long slide and Wilson combat sights of the TP9SFX and TP9SFL, as well as the threaded bbl of the TP9SFT and new TP9SF Elite Combat!.
  • - NO sweat shield offered at this time
  • - Allows for the pistol to be equipped with all standard reflex sights.
  • - A contoured design to wrap around the belt line and a slight forward cant to aid in concealability
  • - Integrated adjustable retention 
  • - Formed to contour the belt line, aiding in a more comfortable and secure carry.
  • - Rugged, sleek, and stylish
  • - FREE USA and APO shipping
  • - Comes with RedX Gear's no BS Lifetime Warranty and unrivaled customer service. 

Will accommodate the following models:

  • - TP9SA
  • - TP9SF
  • - TP9V2
  • - TP9DA
  • - TP9SF Elite
  • - TP9SF Elite Combat
  • - TP9SFT
  • - TP9SFX
  • - TP9SFL

** Will not accommodate suppressor sights at this time. The redesign to allow for suppressor sights is currently underway.


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